DocumentaryFail: The Dreams of My Real Father…Delivered to a Flaming Liberal

I just received my free copy of the hatchet job documentary, _Dreams from My Real Father_, directed by Joel Gilbert.  A documentary so ridiculous that it actually tries to make its argument on the inside section of the DVD holder  by showing a picture of Barack Obama’s face net to a similar picture of Frank Marshall Davis.  And because their faces are curved in just the right direction, they *must* be related!  After all, they look so alike (sorta, but not really)!  It’s impossible for two unrelated people to look the same!  Except, you know, all these great celebrity examples.

It’s like a walking sea of fallacies…

And how does Joel Gilbert prove his claim?  Not by providing genetic evidence, which would be the only way to actually prove this absurd claim.  Rather, by claiming some grand conspiracy that Obama’s father got roped into marrying Ann Dunham (Obama’s father) because she wasn’t supposed to be in a relationship with Davis…and then by some strange process of long distance osmosis, Barack Obama inherited his “real” father’s communist leanings despite having little in the way of a relationship with the man.

If that isn’t enough to make you go cross-eyed, then consider that the film essentially argues that because one of your (supposed) parents was a communist, you must therefore be a communist too, even though you weren’t raised by that person.  Even though there is no evidence that you are, in fact, a communist.  Even though nothing you’ve actually done in terms of policy is remotely communistic.  You are a dirty commie because your (not really) father was a commie.

I think you’ll all understand why I want to watch this film while drinking…

You’ll also understand why clearly the folks behind this film did not do their research.  I am not the audience for this train-wreck…

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