Opinion Station:  And the VP Nod Goes To…

Opinion Station: And the VP Nod Goes To…

Mitt Romney’s VP selection is none other than Paul Ryan.  What do I think of this?  I’m not surprised in the slightest, though it does mean more pain and attacks for Romney.  Ryan, after all, is the proponent of a budget that, when explained to most Americans, would piss them off to the extreme.  Things … Continue reading

Opinion Station:  The Power Game of Equal Rights

Opinion Station: The Power Game of Equal Rights

A week or so ago, I heard an interesting argument from an LGBT rights activist on a program I have now forgotten (either PBS News Hour, Democracy Now, or Counterspin).  The argument, sufficiently reduced, reads something like this: The debate over LGBT rights is essentially without value because winning or losing does not change the relationships … Continue reading

Temporary Hiatus

Hey folks, If it hasn’t been clear over the last two weeks, we’re on a temporary hiatus for DZDA.  Due to a number of unforeseen personal issues for both Jen and myself, we’ve been unable to schedule episodes. But we will get our schedules back on track soon enough.  My hope is to at least … Continue reading

Guilt By Association: Brief Thoughts on Joe Paterno

The Associated Press recently posted this article on their Google+ page, which has garnered a number of typical responses from outraged citizens.  One such individual, LeRoy Gomez, suggested by way of a “burn in hell” comment that Paterno and Sandusky deserve the suffer the same fate.  My response countered this by pointing out that only … Continue reading